Holistic Wedding Celebrant Sheffield

Vine Hotels Launches New Holistic Celebrant Event Service

Sheffield-based Vine Hotels has united with Nicky Oates, a South Yorkshire holistic celebrant, to offer exclusive humanist and non-denominational services for events taking place at four of its local venues.

The Mosborough Hall Hotel, Kenwood Hall Hotel & Spa, The Old Rectory and Whirlow Brook Hall are working with Nicky to offer clients the new option of a holistic celebrant – someone to create and host a uniquely personal service as part of an event such as a wedding, engagement, baby naming or even a funeral. The venues are reacting to a growing demand for non-religious services in the region and aim to give customers more autonomy over how to mark their events.

Nicky Oates says she is “thrilled” to be working with Vine Hotels in bringing uplifting celebrant service ideas to more people in the area. Talking of her new partnership with the hotel group, she said: “Often clients that do not follow a designated religion want some kind of ritual in their event ceremony to help demonstrate and celebrate love or honour the life of a lost relative. Yet, because they are not tied to a particular faith, there is little choice in how to achieve this. Without the religious elements, a service can sometimes feel a bit impersonal too. That’s where I come in. I create a bespoke service that is a focal element to the event and individual to my clients.

“I will work alongside my client in designing the format of the occasion and helping them to write what they want to say at the event, or if they prefer, I write something for them. I also offer a range of historic rituals that can be a part of the day too.

“Some examples of a humanist elements in a wedding, might include ‘unity rituals’ such as the warming or blessing of the rings. This is where the rings are passed around the guests before they are exchanged. Each person will bless them in their own way – whether that is simply holding them (warming), projecting positive energy, or saying a prayer, poem, or blessing.

“Colour is often used too – there is a custom that involves coloured sands poured by friends and family in layers into a vessel of the couple’s choice, which is then kept for prosperity. It is a visually beautiful representation of the complexity of love and friendship.

“My ceremonies are a joyous multisensory experience, with the lighting of candles, burning essential or aromatherapy oils, singing, poetry and art. Even in a funeral service, these elements can be brought into the day to create an uplifting moment to celebrate the lost person’s life.”

Richard Beck from Vine Hotels said: “Bringing Nicky on board allows us to offer our guests an exciting new opportunity and as far as I’m aware, there are no other local partnerships offering a similar holistic based service. It’s a chance for guests to create a focal point to their event and sense of occasion, without a religious element.

“The beauty of this is that Nicky can create a service that works in all settings, for all guests and that brings the flexibility and individuality that will make this popular.”

Holistic event celebrant services at Mosborough Hall Hotel, Kenwood Hall Hotel & Spa, The Old Rectory and Whirlow Brook Hall are available from £600.  For details, visit https://www.mosboroughhall.co.uk/ , https://www.kenwoodhall.co.uk/, https://theoldrectoryhandsworth.co.uk/ and https://whirlowbrook.co.uk/